I enjoy an unforgettable experience, mounted astride a horse of pure Spanish race that will make your ride a unique experienca. In Stable Castle, have routes that accommodate the needs of our customers. These activities can be done in groups or alone, guided by an expert. So we have prepared a series of modes to enjoy their rides.


Tours with specialized guides who will lead us in the paths of Fuengirola, to enjoy a Spanish horse and the landscape that gives us sunshine coast, said by many people is an incomparable beauty with elsewhere.


The walks in the light of the moon, have a special charm, if to this we add a route on horseback guided by an expert who ensures our security experience is unforgettable. Enjoy while the magical night view of Fuengirola parejes that we provide.


Pony routes are designed for the little ones. They will have the opportunity to enjoy walking on one of our tours, but on a horse to suit you, pony, children accompanied by their parents. This activity is designed for families to enjoy and bring the little ones to the wonderful experience of riding.

They can hire any of our routes, by phone or by filling out the contact form by clicking here